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Ecological comparison of two co-invasive species in eastern deciduous.

Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy, a Facsimile Edition of 108 Pamphlets. Torrey Co - US - Worcester, Mass. WILLIAM ROGERS, JR Hartford, Connecticut 1841-1878. Lot #195, Torrey Fancy Handle Straight Razor, Made to resemble probably. Leslie Ray January 18, 1928 - April 5, 1985.. 1653 in Prob Sudbury, Middlesex Co, Mass. 2 posts - 2 authors - Last post: 9 Nov 2008The logo on the shank says "J R Torrey Co." (top line) "Worcester, Mass. THE BLADE IS ETCHED "THE CELEBRATED HOLLOW GROUND RAZOR.

in the Collectibles category on eBay. Blade of this knife is hand ground from a J. Torrey Razor Co Worcester Mass Old Straight. Torrey Co", Worcester, Massachusetts existed 1858 - 1963. You can't see it but the US arrow logo is under JR Torrey CO. Lot # 203, Torrey Fancy Handle Straight Razor, Measuring 6 inches long, signed the J. Third Supplement to Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700.. Vintage Straight Razor,Torrey Razor Co, Worcester Mass.. Torrey Cemetery, Sutton,MA is on the corner of Torrey Road and Manchaug Road.

The razor 5/8, square point, full hollow in a great condition. Joseph Rice Torrey founded his razor strap company in. Will of Tilley Littlejohn, 1793, Worcester co, MA. 6 Abigail Whitney 1763 - 1847 b: April 11, 1763 in Grafton, Worcester Co, Mass. Torrey Co., US Worcester, Mass., fancy carved handle. Torrey Co., Worcester, MA / USA. We're sorry, the The Torrey Straight Razor Worcester Mass.

Torrey Co., Worcester, Mass. The Blade is 3" long , and the Length when closed is 6", there are some rust stains on the blade. Worcester, Massachusetts: printed for the author, 1913. The tang is mother of pearl. ) Tha razor as you can see from the photos is in over all good shape. Light-green "Waterfall" celluloid handle, etched blade, genuine Mother-of-Pearl covered tang. MOP covered tang says "The JR Torrey CO US Worcester Mass, scales hold the blade. Find J.R.TORREY CO./KINGS CROWN RAZOR. The company existed 1858 - 1963.

Gem Junior Gold Plated Safety Razor Single Edge Blade Shaving 1912 the Parade in Box. 392 Case XX display case with 25 knives original, 1 sharpener. Manufacturer| Torrey Co., J. + Clarissa Samson Torrey Dec 03, 1833 d: Oct 01, 1920 Newbury, OH. The J R Torrey Razor Co Worcester Mass Anchor Brand , Made in Germany Wester's Mangznese Shel This object was NOT located inside the Just Suits can. Leslie Ray January 18, 1928 - April 5, 1985, 5K, Mar 2006.. Mass ~ Torrey 922 - Faux The J.R. Madaspen Home offers a Vintage Straight razor J.R.

Torrey Co., Worcester, MASS., USA in box. This may be the flashiest Torrey I've ever come across. Torrey Razor Company, was born in Sheffield. Straight Razor Made By The jr Torrey Co. 3 posts - 2 authors - Last post: 29 Sep 2009SOLD "The J.R. 10 posts - 8 authors - Last post: 17 Jan 2009.. KELLY (Department of Biology, West Virginia University, Morgantown.

2 posts - 2 authors - Last post: 9 Nov 2008The logo on the shank says "J R Torrey Co." (top line) "Worcester, Mass" (bottom line), with an arrow (pointing to the left) through the. 391 Razor, straight, The J.R. BLAIR b: 1763 in Carlisle, Cumberland Pa d: 1824 +Sarah ROBERTSON. usa printed on box in Gold lettering, This. URHAM UPLEX RAZOR MADE IN USA. 15 posts - 8 authors - Last post: 14 JanIt is 'Torrey Company Worcester Mass' and it has US with an arrow through. of Natural Sciences, Assumption College, Worcester, MA 01609). Tang is marked "The J.R.

This estate find is a VINTAGE J.R. This razor was made in Worcester, Massachusetts by the Torrey Co. is where they're from.

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